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“The buck stops here.” (Harry Truman)

Technology is rewriting the rules of commerce. In our era of mobile and cloud computing, the internet of things, advanced analytics and micro transactions, enhanced transparency is putting pressure on organisations to profit from the actual value they provide, not from what they make. Today, accountability is no longer a fashionable marketing slogan, but a strategic imperative. Customers and governments demand it: they struggle to understand what their money buys them, and technology empowers them to challenge the promises that businesses make. In this session, which is based on my upcoming book with Oded Koenigsberg, The ‘Ends’ Game: Technology and the Pursuit of Lean Commerce, I use examples from sectors as diverse and consequential as healthcare, automotive, education, media, aviation and mining to map the gradual but relentless evolution of markets to the point where money flows to proof rather than promises. The session helps organisations to not only grasp the fundamental challenges of this shift, but also transform what is essentially economic waste into tangible value that market players can appropriate.