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“The buck stops here.” (Harry Truman)

Customer orientation is the defining mantra of the 21st century organization. We have been trained to see the market from the eyes of those we serve, thinking in terms of solutions rather than products and services. Yet even the most customer-loving enterprise reverts to old habits when it comes to turning value into dollars and cents—rather than taking a hard look at customers and what they need and want, we take a hard look at what we make. Given today’s technologies and a growing interest in transparency and accountability, this has become a problem. The result is fascinating: albeit at different speeds, just about every industry that I can think of is heading toward a form of compensation that rewards outcomes. The session describes this reality via several examples, providing a roadmap and straightforward advice on how to orchestrate a revenue strategy fit for the modern times. Change is inevitable because organizations ultimately compete for the attention and wallet of the customer.