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“Take what you want, God said to man, and pay for it.” (Spanish proverb)

If you want to understand how successful organisations sustain their edge over time, look beyond their ability to understand and serve customers and study how they turn insights into income. Firms ultimately exist to create value for customers and revenue for themselves, yet many business leaders obsess over the first of these tasks and treat the second as a tactical afterthought. In reality, generating revenue is as much about creativity and strategy as it is about dollars and cents, and the decisions one takes educate and stimulate a market as much as they mark the value of a sale. In this session, I talk broadly about the “mission” of prices and pricing and lay out an intuitive, four-step framework to improve this basic skill. I also address common challenges, such as the impact of the digital revolution and the delicate relationship between prices and brands. Getting all of this right unlocks surprising opportunities to capture value – and even grow it.